How to control panel helps you in manage a website


Control panel is the best feature of web hosting which very easy to use. This is provided by web host it’s also known as Cpanel. Mainly control panel used for manage the website files and editing and etc. The Cpanel interface is very easy to use. All the application you can install easily like WordPress, presta shop and etc. Each feature has the there icon which helps to easily identify. The Cpanel interface also has easy options. Many web hosting companies take extra charges for providing Cpanel features. So you also need to check the terms and condition during buying web hosting.

What Features and tools you can get with Cpanel


Cpanel is the standard tool with help you can do any task easily. And manage the entire website like editing and upload new files etc. This is specially used for following things

File management
Database management
Maintaining user accounts
Traffic data and analytics
App installation
Scheduling backups
Running FTP
Configuring DNS settings
Managing email accounts
Server logs
Resource reports (e.g. availability, storage, and bandwidth)

Best and cheap Cpanel web hosting plan

With the previous points, all the people can get information About Cpanel importance. So I am here to share a perfect combo plan with Cpanel at the economical price. The plan is Godaddy $1 Cpanel web hosting which is available at 1 dollar for the month. In this plan, you can get all the exciting features which help you to run your website. You can get 100GB disk space, unmetered bandwidth, the free domain name with the annual plan, Cpanel. With the help of you manage your site. You can upload your website through Cpanel. Install CMS on your domain. So Cpanel is must for maintain the website.

Can I attach 2 or more website in one Cpanel?

Yes, you can attach 2 or more website in one Cpanel. But only when if in web hosting plan allow to host 2 or more website. So you can attach 2 or more website. You just need to go on Cpanel and visit click on add-on domains so the folder can be created. Then you can upload your website.

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