Demystifying the Role of Cloud Computing in Marketing


If anything has changed the way business works, then that is cloud computing. The major impact of the cloud is on Internet marketing. The three models of the cloud are responsible for this robust change, which has transformed the way marketers interact with customers. The advent of cloud computing has solved the problems of the storage and distribution of data. But what are other factors responsible for making it critical for your marketing strategies?

The cloud gives us a number of reasons to integrate it into your marketing. Some of them are as follows.

  • Access to multi-device support
  • Low-cost efficiency
  • Increased security

Benefits of integrating cloud computing into marketing

 The cloud is key to unlock global opportunities. How? It gives you ease of communication anytime, anywhere. Now, marketers can upload key data to the global network that they can access on any device, irrespective of time and location. This enables companies and marketers to function in a better way. Moreover, your company gets aligned with the rising trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplace.

The next reason why marketers should migrate to the cloud is to harness the potential capabilities of it, such as affordability-pay for what you use.  As you step up from traditional techniques, no longer you need to invest in expensive hardware while eliminating all other upfront investments. From updating to upgrading, service providers take care of everything. What you need to do is to subscribe to the services at a small cost.

You can receive automatic updates through cloud computing, which will eliminate the requirement for manual installation. Moreover, vendors can offer the updated versions of their releases to customers in one shot.


 If there are benefits then there are constraints as well. A set of challenges and concerns that cloud offers are applied to everyone, no matter whether you are a new or expert in the cloud.

One of the major problems is the risk of signing over your customer experience to your service provider. A small mistake in the hosting system can destroy the user experience you provide to your customers. All the hard work which you can do in internet marketing will be wasted. This turns into a liability when you get limited control.

Therefore, the selection of the most reliable vendor is highly critical to optimize user experience.

The flexibility of cloud computing depends on the data storage and processing. Usually, organizations do this beyond the control of your business. This stress the selection of the right service provider. You need to scrutinize automation systems while evaluating their reputation in the market. What stops most organizations to move to the cloud is the unveiling of sensitive data to their service providers.

Final words:

The cloud is here to stay. According to recent studies by Forrester, Cisco, Gartner, and Forbes, by the end of 2016, over a third of digital content worldwide will be stored in the cloud. Moreover, Forrester states that most users will stop using the local client-installed programs and migrate to the web-based application by 2020.

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